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Quality should never be a compromise. MoonPads is committed to providing healthy, non-toxic, organic pads. The average menstruator may spend a cumulative 9 years wearing pads over their lifetime, ingredients in conventional pads have been linked to cancer and other health issues. That is why MoonPads uses 100% organic cotton and plant-plastic.


1 in 5 menstruators experienced period poverty. MoonPads exists to eradicate period poverty. With each box sold, we offer a free box of pads to someone in need. We have distributed over 1 MILLION free pads, and educated over 100,000 Tibetan nomads about menstruation.

MoonPads is committed to donate more than 20% of profits to charity each year in the form of in-kind donations. If your nonprofit is interested in receiving donations, email us!


Conventional pads take ~1,000 years to go away. We want to leave a better legacy than our bloody waste. All MoonPads plant-based products will biodegrade within one year. There are better options than petrol based plastics. And, we are vegan owned and would never harm animals in testing or manufacturing our products.

We Have You Covered!

Comfort and health are not mutually exclusive. MoonPads are crafted with an organic cotton top sheet and an ultra thin super absorbent core, keeping you dry and comfy all day. Our innovative plant-based technology offers healthy, reliable leak protection and comfort.

People & Planet First

Products that are healthy for the earth are healthy for people. MoonPads are made of simple COMPOSTABLE materials: Organic cotton + tree pulp + plant plastic! No dyes, chemicals, fragrances or petrol plastics EVER. Plus, for every box we sell, we give one to someone experiencing period poverty.


These cotton organic pads are made with hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable sheets that alleviate unpleasant odors and irritation, all while providing the highest levels of period protection. MoonPads is here to offer a better solution. In comparison with conventional plastic pads, which take thousands of years to degrade, our biodegradable pads are biodegraded within one year.


From Our Customers

If period care can’t be free to everyone then buying from moonpads is the next best thing. Really nice to be able to support a business that gives back and is environment conscious! Not to mention they do exactly what they say they do and last all night without the discomfort. A+ from me!


I love these & I just ordered more! Pads made from natural materials are safer for us and the environment. Traditional pads are wasteful, irritating & toxic (I know our planet can digress as well). I would even love to buy these in bulk to give to those in need in my community! Thank you so much for such an impactful product & mission!